Aircraft Sales Corp


Aircraft Sales Corp.

Aircraft Sales Corp provides aircraft sales for business and personal aircraft. With over three decades of aircraft acquisition and aircraft sales experience. Our team of aircraft sales specialists will eliminate the stress during aircraft sales by managing the process for you. From advertising in every media outlet available, to negotiating purchase agreements and performing the actual pre-buy of the aircraft, we will handle 100% of the process for you.


aircraft sales corp.

Aircraft Sales Corp.

  • One-On-One: A Aircraft Sales Corp specialist will start the aircraft sale process by coming to you-anywhere in the world.  We will not spend days or weeks on the phone determining what your needs are.  We believe in the one-on-one personalized approach during every stage of our aircraft sales process.

  • Research Off-Market Aircraft: A detailed and systematic order to identify, analyze, compare and select the best aircraft will be completed by a Aircraft Sales Corp team memeber before the aircraft sales process are implemented.  The final result being two to three thoroughly audited aircraft to decide from before any negotiations are engaged.  After your prime choice is identified we will enter negotiations.

  • Negotiate: We will firmly establish what your maximum amount is that you will pay for the aircraft, along with what your ideal number is for the purchase.  At this juncture the full weight of Aircraft Sales corp. skills and experience come full swing as we go to bat to get you your desired aircraft at the most affordable price.

  • Pre-Buy Inspection: The pre-buy inspection is the chips down test that must be passed before the aircraft acquisition sale is closed. This Pre-buy inspection protects you against unforeseen issues with the aircraft, paperwork or logbooks.  This is considered the most important step in the process of purchasing an aircraft and if done thoroughly it will vet out any and all underlying issues or potential issues with the aircraft.

  • Escrow and Closing: It is of the utmost importance in an aircraft sales transaction that the buyer show both capability and willingness to perform on his promise by putting up an earnest deposit.  We will recommend a refundable deposit is placed with an FAA-recognized escrow company only.

  • Implementing and Entering Aircraft into Service: Aircraft sales corp will lay bare all options available to you in the ownership of your new aircraft. Some options include, but are not limited to, private, business, or fractional ownership.  If you choose to charter your aircraft, we will manage daily operations and regulatory requirements so you can enjoy reliable and convenient travel, backed by the safety, security, and an iron-clad service commitment. This will streamline flight operations and maximize your aircrafts’ potential with a custom Aircraft Sales Corp. management program.


Choose the best way to purchase your next personal jet or business aircraft. Contact a member our aircraft sales corp team today by emailing us now!

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