inflight Entertainment systems
Worlds First Portable In-flight Entertainment System

1. First Completely Portable In-flight Entertainment System, Complies with EU and FAA as a Portable Electronic Device (PED)
2. Independent of any aircraft system(s) that installs with Zero downtime
3. 15+ hours of operation on internal Batteries or can be connected via a power source
4. Streams Media over internal WiFi 802.11 signal and connects to any WiFi Capable Device
(smart phones, tablets, laptops etc..)
5. System Contains Hundreds of Movies, Games, Songs, Magazines and Books.Capable of Storing
and Displaying any media on any Device via a Modern Browser. Display Safety Briefing Cards, Aircraft Layouts, Company Commercials or any Advertisement Desired. No Special Apps or Software
required so your customers are able to utilize their personal Electronic Devices!
6. Flight Tracking and Moving Map displayed on passengers browser
7. Subscriptions available to keep your media library up to date with the latest
Movies and Media.
$15,000 + applicable tax

One Comment

  1. Mike Scott

    i have used the in-flight entertainment systems and they are a perfect fit for business aircraft under 60 passengers. Paradigm Tech, LLC has a new in-flight moving map system called ICARUS Moving Map ( ) and its hands down the the most affordable alternative to a rockwell collins or flight display systems moving map.

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